The First Meeting: A Basic Company Review

The First Meeting: A Basic Company Review

After a buyer inquires about a business, has signed a non-disclosure agreement, and decides they are officially interested in learning more about the company, their broker will request a meeting with them to take the first steps towards getting to know the business for sale better.


The first meeting takes place between the broker and the buyer - the seller does not join the conversation until the second meeting and tour of the company. During this initial meeting, the buyer and their business broker will review the main details of the business. It is at this time that the buyer will get their first access to the financials of the business for sale through a financial recast. The recast highlights key metrics of the business’s financial status such as the seller’s discretionary earnings, and gross revenue.


The first meeting is an opportunity for the broker to answer high level questions the buyer will have about the business. These questions can cover topics such as growth projections, historical performance, company structure, and market placement. If after gaining a better understanding of the business for sale, the buyer is still ready to move forward, their broker will setup a second meeting to include the seller and a tour of their company.


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