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Franchise Resale

Are You a Franchisor?

As a franchisor you've got a lot on your plate already.  We understand, we have direct experience with franchises as a partner of United Franchise Group. Transworld Business Advisors is uniquely positioned to understand the franchise industry and process of selling a franchise business, because of this unique affiliation. Transworld’s Franchise Resale Program, boasts a cross-country network with 40+ years of experience marketing and supporting the sale process of established franchises. Transworld will leverage our market connections, on behalf of the franchisor, with the franchisee to manage the franchise sale process. The franchisee is also responsible for payment to Transworld, so letting Transworld help you is a no brainer!

Transworld’s professional brokers will manage the entire franchise resale process including:

  • Provide franchisors with up to date reporting on the sales progress.
  • Prepare a comprehensive business analysis of the franchise location.
  • Assist in the business valuation.
  • Support territory management.
  • Confidentially market the franchise throughout our extensive nationwide network.
  • Coordinate with potential buyers and ensure they meet a certain level of qualification.
  • Assist in the preparation of the offer and manage the due diligence process.
  • Coordinate, negotiate the sale, and perform all closing duties.

Transworld is ready to work on your behalf to support the franchise sale process and ensure that each step is managed with mastery!

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What are our clients saying?

"As a former award winning entrepreneur, I recognize the importance of working with experts. I personally work with hundreds of business search firms across the United States. The Denver Transworld office is one of the best, with experts that can help you filter the BEST from the rest while providing access to expert resources that can help you avoid costly expenses." Larry Carnell, Benetrends 2019


Are you a Franchisee?

Are you ready to retire, or move on from your franchise business? As a franchise business ourselves, Transworld is very understanding of the intricacies a franchise resale can present. We have the franchise experience to stand behind our service offerings. The process of re-selling a franchise is similar to the business sale process, with a few significant differences, to ensure the sale is compliant with the rules and regulations of the franchise. Annually, Transworld facilitates the resale of 15+ franchises.

Transworld’s professional brokers will manage the entire franchise resale process including:

  • Analysis and Pricing (Including analysis of the FDD and other franchise documents).
  • Business analysis of the Franchise Location.
  • Development of a Custom Marketing Strategy.
  • Buyer Search and Qualification.
  • Deal Structuring and Negotiation.
  • Assistance with Pre-Closing Items (Financing, Lease Negotiations).
  • Due Diligence Management, Closing and Transition Activities.

Whether you are working to sell a single location or multiple franchise locations, Transworld will navigate you through the franchise resale process from start to finish!

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