Jessica Fialkovich on Hack the Entrepreneur

Jessica Fialkovich on Hack the Entrepreneur

This week our President, Jessica Fialkovich, was featured on an episode of the business podcast, Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor. You don’t want to miss their fascinating conversation, in which Jessica shares her journey to success as a small business advocate, mergers and acquisitions expert, and entrepreneur.

Jessica's feature interview reveals:

  • Why business is the best creative outlet.
  • How to divide and conquer the challenges of running a dynamic business.
  • Why multi-tasking is the enemy of productivity.

Check out the episode here:

Divide and Conquer Your Business with Jessica Fialkovich


And for more great podcast episodes visit The Deal Board Podcast, hosted by Andrew Cagnetta, CEO of Transworld Business Advisors, and Jessica Fialkovich, President of Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain. The Deal Board is a place to learn about the best way to sell a business or acquire a new business across a wide variety of industries - new episodes are out every Tuesday!



Rachael Holstein has been the Marketing Manager for Transworld - Rocky Mountain since 2016. Her work experience has been largely focused on business development and marketing in business brokerage, finance, architecture, property management, and information technology. A long time resident of Cleveland, Ohio, she attained her undergrad from John Carroll University and her Master’s Degree from Cleveland State University. In 2013, she relocated to Denver with her husband, Joe, and her furry companions to explore the mile high lifestyle!



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