Is my business salable? Can I sell my business? Should I sell my business?

Is my business salable? Can I sell my business? Should I sell my business?

Is my business salable? Can I sell my business? Should I sell my business? These are questions every business owner ponders and they may even keep them up at night. But they don't have to! By the end of this discussion you will be able to deduce whether your business has what it takes to be sold.

While there are many variables that intersect and create an opportunity for sale (or not), at the end of the day the market will dictate whether your business is salable. While exploring opportunities for purchase, every buyer and banker hopes for perfect financial records, tax returns, employee structure, procedural manuals etc; that would be ideal. However, you would be hard pressed to find a business that is perfect and has the perfect documentation to go with it. Nothing in business will ever be perfect, as businesses are living, breathing organisms that change and evolve all the time.

At Transworld, we bring all of our tools and resources to the table to get your business deal executed. We firmly believe, and we have the experience to back this up, that there is a buyer for every deal, it is simply a function of the right price at the right time.

This reminds me of a story my friend relayed to me a number of years ago. There was a business located within a swamp that bred mice, which were then sold to zoos to provision snakes. The business was priced around $150,000 with no books or records to speak of. Well, actually there was a shoe box with one crumpled, old sales receipt. This business was sold in 8 days, let me repeat 8 days, at full price and to this day the buyer continues to run and still loves this business.

The point I am bringing to you is this: If you think you have a good business, don't hesitate to call us. We will provide you with an honest analysis of how much a company is worth and develop a fair and customized plan of action to help you sell your business!

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Al Fialkovich is the Managing Director at Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain. In his role, he oversees a team of brokers and the sale of an average of 50-60 small to medium size businesses each year. His focus has always been on running seamless transactions, fostering constant and honest communication and maintaining strong relationships with his clients. This commitment has earned Al multiple awards for Transworld, but most of all it has brought him true satisfaction in his career. If you are interested in buying or selling a business contact Al today!