Featured Closing in the Print Industry

Featured Closing in the Print Industry

Business Broker, Gary Goldwasser, who has a background in the print industry was able to connect a great buyer and seller this week! The buyer, who currently owns a print and specialty incentive business, was looking to make an acquisition in the print brokerage business. Because of Gary's industry experience, he was able to identify a potential seller. As many in the M&A industry are familiar, timing is everything, and it just so happened the seller was ready for sale at the time Gary reached out to him. The buyer and seller ended up matching extremely well and the transaction was able to move forward.

Key Closing Statistics

    • Closing Broker: Gary Goldwasser
    • Sold for 100% of the asking price.
    • Listed for 14 Days

Wells Fargo handled the SBA loan for this transaction and did a great job keeping it moving forward. With his acquisition of the print brokerage firm, the buyer will be able to double the size of his business in the community and the seller was able to exit at a great price and on his terms!

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