Featured Closing: An Industrial Recycling Company

Featured Closing: An Industrial Recycling Company

This week Al Fialkovich closed on a business transaction in the industrial recycling industry, an area which he specializes in. The business has been operating successfully for more than 15 years under continuous ownership. It is considered a mature business that has been churning a significant profit since its inception. The previous owner plans to continue on with the business during the transition period before moving on to the relaxation of retirement.

Key Closing Statistics

  • Closing broker: Al Fialkovich
  • Sold for 90% of the asking price
  • Listed for 183 days

As with each business transaction Transworld facilitates, there are barriers to success and in some cases even paths leading straight to a swift closing! The main obstacle for this particular business was its significant size and unique service offerings. Because of these characteristics, the business required a specific buyer with expertise, purchasing power and the skill set to take over the business properly. On top of the specificity of the buyer, the revenue of the business was experiencing a downward trend, in connection with the commodity market, which was also on a downward trend. However the margin was increasing, so this in conjunction with the revenue numbers made bank financing a challenge. But at the end of the day, Al was able to partner with Stearns Bank to procure financing and used his national market reach to identify a qualified buyer. Through determination and dedication, and an amenable buyer/seller pair, the deal was able to move forward to closing!

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