What Does a Business Broker Charge?

What Does a Business Broker Charge?

What Does a Business Broker Charge?

Understand the fees involved with selling your company using a Denver Business Broker.

A professional business broker is the right expert professional to guide you through the entire process of selling your company including analysis and pricing, development of a custom marketing strategy, buyer search and qualification, deal structuring, and negotiation and closing activities. But what does a business broker charge for selling a business?

Commission Fees

The fee to sell a company depends on the business being sold. Typically, the commission will be anywhere from 8-12% of the total sales price paid at closing. The range of the percentage depends mostly on the business size and its complexity. For larger business sale transactions (in the multi-million dollar range), the commission structure is a modified Lehman Formula: 10% on the first million, 8% on the second million, 6% on the third million, and 4% per million thereafter.

What does a business broker charge in Denver, Colorado?

A broker’s commission fees are outlined in advance of the sale in the marketing agreement (service contract) executed by the business owner and the brokerage firm. This contract will also include a minimum commission fee, the length of the business listing representation, typically one year to start, and other legal terms associated with the sale. 


In addition to a business broker’s commission, there can be an upfront fee associated with a business sale ranging from $2,000 to $20,000. These upfront fees, and whether or not they are assessed, depend on the business being sold, the sales price and the business broker. If upfront fees are a part of your deal be sure the reasoning behind them is thoroughly explained to you.

So to recap, what does a business broker charge in Colorado?

  1. An upfront retainer may be assessed depending on the business.
  2. An agreed upon percentage of the total sales price to be assessed as a commission fee after the business is sold.

Professional Associations

There is one very important thing to consider when you’re researching business brokers - make sure the broker is part of a professional business brokerage association or has a merger and acquisition organization affiliation. For Colorado business brokers these associations will include at least the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries and the International Business Brokers Association.

Why Work With a Professional Business Broker?

It is not uncommon to find commercial brokers or real estate agents asking for fees in the 4-7% range. This may sound attractive but there is a reason the fees are so low. These professionals are not trained in business brokerage, and they do not have adequate resources or a network to get a business transaction closed properly. Not working with a professional business broker may also cause issues with keeping the confidentiality of a business sale. It is best to work with a business intermediary who has the expert knowledge and training to sell a company to ensure the business is not damaged during the course of the sale process.

To learn more about how a Colorado business broker can support business owners with the sale of their company, schedule a consultation with one of our brokers today or visit the sell a business section of our website.

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