3 Options to Exit Your Business if Your Assets Are Worth More than Your Cash Flow

3 Options to Exit Your Business if Your Assets Are Worth More than Your Cash Flow

What can you do when your business isn't making any money and you need to get out now? Transworld has three paths to exit that can help a business owner transition out of a company and get a respite from the daily stress.


While we would love for every business owner to find success, the reality of this scenario simply isn’t possible. So what can you do if you have started a company and you’ve tried everything to scale it but you’re banging your head against the wall and not making any money. At this point your assets are worth more than your cash flow. There are three scenarios to exit your company, which we’ve outlined below.


Scenario 1: Sell Your Business

Scenario 2: Shut Down Your Business and Liquidate

Scenario 3: Sublease, Assignment or Sale of the Property


Given these three scenarios, the best chance for an owner to exit their company is to pursue scenario 1 and 3 at the same time using a transactional advisor as well as a commercial broker. This would allow for the most efficient option to getting out of a business.


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