#10 Buying and Selling a Business in Colorado: Pre-Closing

#10 Buying and Selling a Business in Colorado: Pre-Closing

In part nine of our series on how to sell your company, we walked through the Due Diligence period. Now it might seem that the next natural step is the Closing period, but there is a lot of work to complete between now and Closing! So we have made room for a step in the process called Pre-Closing. It is during this step that a whirlwind of work is finished so that the buyers and sellers can be taken to close.

Pre-Closing includes a long list of tasks that need to be performed by the buyer, seller, and attorneys. The broker will compile a list of these items and manage the process to ensure they each get completed and that all i's are dotted and all t's are crossed. Some of the more complicated Pre-Closing items include performing the transfer of the lease, setting up a new entity for the buyer, and securing of financing (if necessary) to purchase the business.

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