Could following your passion be the perfect business move?

Could following your passion be the perfect business move?

Remember being 18 years old and full of equal parts curiosity and terror when you thought about your future? It was easy to get excited! 

Were you drawn in by Art History 101 your freshman year? Did you find a passion for guitars sparked by a gig at a music store? Or perhaps you began experimenting with culinary creations while living on your own for the first time. 

Oftentimes, these big dreams turn into hobbies. You may have graduated with an Art History degree but found work in marketing. You may still love a good jam session, or even homemade jam making, but struggle to find time to fit these things in between family and career building. 

You know these things bring you joy, but have you considered that they could be a gateway to career fulfillment as well? Here are three reasons why you should consider your passion project as your next business venture.

  1. You don’t have to start from scratch! 

    Think it’s too late to build something, or too much work to bring your dreams to life? Transworld has a wide variety of fully vetted small businesses listed for purchase.  Oftentimes, these businesses have been a fixture in the community for years. They’re businesses with proven success behind them, ready for a new owner to love and grow.

    Two that are great passion projects are this professional photography business
     and high-end audio shop that can combine a business with your passion.
  2. There’s still a demand for small businesses

    Big box stores of the world have their place, but small businesses still thrive in local communities across the country. In fact, 91% of American’s shop small once a week.

    And in the midst of the pandemic, big names (Barnes and Noble) are looking to reboot themselves into smaller shops because shoppers still want a tangible brick-and-mortar experience
  3. You can find your audience

    Your passion may be very niche—but that’s ok. Businesses that specialize often meet demands that go unseen and unserved by competitors who just don’t care.

    For example, Transworld has a current listing for a scooter repair shop. While this may seem too specific, the pandemic has created a boom in the purchase of motorcycles and scooters, making this a great buy for any motorhead. 

It can be intimidating to follow your dreams. We often settle for what we don’t really want because we assume it will bring us safety and stability. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we never know what the next six months will bring! 

There is a thriving market of small businesses (and new franchises!) for sale right now. In addition, we are finding a continued and increasing demand for more listings as buyers look for their next career move or investment. So, we can help you find your passion project. Give us a call at (801)753-5655 or click HERE for your free consultation.