Wanting To Buy A Raleigh Business

Wanting To Buy A Raleigh Business

Wanting To Buy A Raleigh Business


There has never been a better time to buy a business in Raleigh, NC. Baby Boomers that own close to 60% of all US small businesses are now looking to retire and their incredible businesses are heading to the market.

Baby Boomers (about 70,000,000 of them) are poised to make a great impact on the American business ownership landscape. More than 70% of these small businesses will change hands in the next 10-15 years. The sale of almost 12 million businesses over the next 10-15 years represents a significant increase of available businesses coming on the market.

Boomer business owners will 12,000,000 businesses over the next 10-15 years might involve a large number of boomer-to-buster, boomer-to-Gen X’ers or boomer-to-millennial sales.

Factors Driving Business Purchasing

Nationally and right here in Raleigh, businesses are becoming a “go to” business investment. Business.com believes that the following three reasons make a business purchase an incredibly wise investment.

·       “Minimal upfront costs. You're not just purchasing the business. You also buy the brand, customer-base, management policies, and other invaluable existing factors.

·       Low risk. Any business worth buying has likely proven it provides a healthy return on investment. With most of the necessary business foundations in place, there will be very little groundwork to be done.

·       Established cash flow. An existing business will probably already have a steady cash flow, which eliminates the scramble of starting from scratch. It's likely there will already be equipment and employees available, so there will be no lapse in revenue when jumping in.”


New entrepreneurs find these reasons as well as others a great reason for buying a business in Raleigh, NC. If you are a serious business entrepreneur you need to fully understand the impact of this stat, baby boomers (1946 – 1964) account for 54% of current small businesses.

Buying A Great Raleigh Business

There are several businesses for sale in Raleigh from ever industry space. Guidant Financial gave the following reasons that Boomers initially went into business for themselves.

The reasons Boomers are leaving business ownership includes retirement, health, burnout and other family priorities. Words that come to mind that define many of the businesses that Boomers are selling: profitable, safe, proven systems, loyal customers, debt-free, and persevering.