Selling Your Pool Business?

selling a business

Are You Considering Selling Your Pool Business?

We recently sold a 45-year-old North Carolina pool business. This pool business is part of the exclusive pool guild of international pool builders which basically means that it is considered one of the top 100 pool builders in the world.


COVID really provided some exceptional challenges to the sale of this pool business for several reasons. One of the saving graces during COVID was the fact that this business kept performing and finished with one of its strongest years ever in 2020.

The original list price of $1,700,000 not only included the business but the property as well. 

Selling Your Pool Business?

I'd like to help you if you are thinking about selling your business as well. My name is Tina Wright and I own Transworld Business Advisors of Raleigh along with my husband. Our business brokerage firm serves our clients with three core values:

  • Treat People With Dignity
  • Be Truth Tellers
  • Work HARD

Selling a business is a serious consideration. Let's grab a cup of coffee so that I can meet you and learn more about your incredible entrepreneurial story!

My 10 Commandments of Selling a Business

  • Selling a business is as much about emotions as it is numbers
  • Selling a business requires truth-tellers, not hype
  • Selling a business requires doing the hard work upfront
  • Selling a business requires spotting hurdles early because no business is perfect
  • Selling a business requires daily check-ins with buyers and seller
  • Selling a business requires a seasoned professional
  • Selling a business requires a Ph.d in problem-solving
  • Selling a business requires confidential marketing
  • Selling a business requires grit
  • Selling a business requires a sweet southern accent to calm tensions that will always arise:)