Business Brokers In Raleigh, NC

Business Broker Raleigh NC

Business Brokers In Raleigh, NC

There are a lot of business brokers in Raleigh, NC. How does a business owner choose the right business broker for their industry or business size?

Transworld Business Advisors has over 40 years of experience and has been voted by IBISWorld as the #1 business broker.


Business Broker Raleigh, NC

Receiving this prestigious award from IBISWorld was an amazing accomplishment and our team was humbled by this achievement. Transworld has a simple motto, "Doing good deals, for good people." This simple statement stresses the foundational elements of why we exist as an organization.

Choosing A Business Broker In Raleigh, NC

I'd like to help you if you are thinking about selling your business as well. My name is Tina Wright and I own Transworld Business Advisors of Raleigh along with my husband. Our business brokerage firm serves our clients with three core values:

  • Treat People With Dignity
  • Be Truth Tellers
  • Work HARD

Selling a business is a serious consideration. Let's grab a cup of coffee so that I can meet you and learn more about your incredible entrepreneurial story! My 10 Commandments of Selling a Business

  • Selling your business is as much about emotions as it is numbers
  • Selling your business requires truth-tellers, not hype
  • Selling your business requires doing the hard work upfront
  • Selling your business requires spotting hurdles early because no business is perfect
  • Selling your business requires daily check-ins with buyers and seller
  • Selling your business requires a seasoned professional
  • Selling your business requires a Ph.d in problem-solving
  • Selling your business requires confidential marketing
  • Selling your business requires grit
  • Selling your business requires a sweet southern accent to calm tensions that will always arise:)