7 Pivots That Business Owners Need To Make

7 Pivots That Business Owners Need To Make

7 Pivots That Business Owners Need To Make


1. Empathy Over Competency – We all like being the answer guy and some leaders need this affirmation scratched more than others. Learn to say things like, “I’ve never thought of it that way before,” “That is a great point,” or “That’s a great way of expressing that.” No one has EVER been where we are today with this pandemic so do act like you have or that you have all the easy fixes.


2. Keep Communicating – Virtual meetings with everyone. In a few years, more than 70% of your workforce will be millennials. It’s okay to start preparing for tomorrow today by sharpening your Zoom Meeting skills, video production, and webinar skills. By the way, if you are not having multiple, daily virtual meetings now realize that the younger version of you (your competition) is.


3. Don’t Be That Guy – Resist the temptation of comparing the Global Coronavirus Pandemic to some other tragedy as teaching the uninformed. Remember that we are all in “Real-Time” with the news cycle. Authentic leaders need to pivot during this time


4. Questions – Anything that can be told can be asked. Many leaders love to declare, make proverbial edicts and generally be a talking head in a crowded room. I spoke to a pastor yesterday who is going to ask his wife and his five adult daughters this question before he prepares this week’s message, “What questions and fears are people asking and expressing to you right now?”


5. Add Value – Now more than ever, business leaders will be thinking about making or getting money quickly. The business leaders that I respect and follow are really great at adding value. Recently we saw Mark Cuban open his LinkedIn conversation so that tens of thousands of “regular people” could have access and ask questions.


6. Reset Reality – Everyone sets goals and budgets based on 2019 numbers and rightly so. At the time, 2020 was the benchmark or launching pad for the new and exciting year. In many (not all) industries 2020 will be about survival, cutting personnel and slashing budgets. When things crank back up, you need to reset reality by resetting expectations. Packed dirt doesn’t grow great vegetables and right now people feel squeezed by extra pressures and personal emotions.


7. Mission-Critical – Some people on your team are more valuable in relation to staying in business. Absolutely, every person that you employ is of equal value as people – 100%! For those that you designate as mission-critical, you had better inform them and reward them handsomely! There was a talent war prior to the pandemic and there will be a talent war afterward but this time businesses will be fighting for their lives.