Acquiring a Business in Uncertain Times

Acquiring a Business in Uncertain Times

The current situation is extraordinary, with many countries experiencing COVID-19 lockdowns, which is proving challenging in the business arena worldwide. Some industries will be adversely affected, as will certain types of businesses, which is a heart-breaking reality. But based on what we have seen in the past, economic uncertainty can also prove beneficial, especially for those who have been pondering a business investment or acquisition.

For over 40 years, Transworld Business Advisors has supported business owners through a number of economic uncertainties following devastating global tragedies. So, if you are considering investing in a business, here are reasons to continue your pursuit:

  1. Lower operating costs for your new business given the current economic environment, including favorable lease rates.
  2. Acquire competitors.
  3. Structure a more favorable deal with more seller financing.
  4. Decreased valuations of some companies that are harder hit than others.
  5. Increased financing options with rates lower than we've ever seen.
  6. Grow your current business through acquisition to increase your customer base or talent pool.
  7. This is a short-term blip within a stable economy.
  8. When you are buying a business, it is for the long term, not the short-term view.

    This too shall pass and may be a great opportunity to become a business owner to recapture the economic turn around. 
    Finally - Stay safe, healthy, and remain POSITIVE!

    Transworld Business Advisors is passionate about small business owners, and we want you to become a successful business owner in your own right. We help people find their own version of the American Dream! Are you ready to buy a business and become boss free? We would love to help make it happen for you and we can schedule a free consultation below with one of our trusted staff.