How Inflation Impacts the Sale of your Small Business

How Inflation Impacts the Sale of your Small Business

From the pandemic’s supply chain issues to the current worries over rising inflation, many small businesses have been struggling to adapt to the sudden shifts of today’s economy. With inflation in June hitting 9.1%, more than the Dow Jones estimate of 8.8% for the month, more and more businesses are worrying about how exactly inflation has and will impact their business, and if no

Succession Planning Guide

Succession Planning Guide

If you’re a business owner, you probably have a pretty good idea about what your long-term business plans look like, including your exit strategy. But the statistics say that almost 78% of businesses have no transition team, and 83% have no written transition plan. This is especially troubling considering 70% of business owners are more stressed and have less time to plan than they did a yea

Maintaining Success as a New Business

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Every business owner knows that maintaining a successful business is no easy endeavor. Business owners also know that the feelings of accomplishment and pride that come with owning and running your own business are unparalleled. With an entrepreneurial spirit making its way through the globe since the Covid-19 Pandemic, self employment has reached an all-time high as people continue to crave auton

The Location of Your Business Contributes to Its Success

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Regardless of whether a business is onsite, remote, or a combination of the two - with a 90% failure rate for startups, it’s easy to understand why people are hesitant to start their own business. Even with a shockingly high failure rate, entrepreneurship is alive and well in Indiana and other parts of the nation. When considering the type of business you want to start, recognize the benefit

Should You Sell the Commercial Real Estate Property with Your Business?

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Does selling your company mean selling the real estate too? In today’s market, you have many options to consider when deciding on whether to sell your commercial real estate property. Find out how you can leverage these two different assets.   Consider Your Options  Earning potential is the number one reason to lease real estate. The annual return on business properties ranges f

3 Reasons Why 2022 Might Be the Year to Sell Your Business: From Inc. Magazine

3 Reasons Why 2022 Might Be the Year to Sell Your Business: From Inc. Magazine

After 2 years of pandemic uncertainty, markets are settling down. BY BOB HOUSE, PRESIDENT, BIZBUYSELL @BIZBUYSELL for inc. Magazine For small business owners, the past two years have been a rollercoaster ride of Covid variant surges, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions. While many suffered hardship, others only experienced mild disruptions, and some have even benefited. Whether you're

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The Sale of a Business Requires Confidentiality, Experience & Financial Acumen One of the many reasons to use a business broker and advisor is that the sale of a business requires confidentiality. It is important that the business remain at peak performance during the selling process. There are times when announcing that a business is for sale will affect sales, operations, employee turnover and

Transworld Business Advisors of Indiana Can Help You Evaluate Your Middle Market Transaction   The Transworld Business Advisors of Indiana team will work to evaluate the best approach for those companies with earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) of more than $1 million. Sometimes called M&A or Middle Market Transactions. Other business features that would

What Qualifies A Business Sale as a Merger, Acquisition or Traditional Transaction? The sale of a business through the Transworld Business Advisers of Indiana mergers and acquisitions department Is decided by key factors such as size, income and valuation. Businesses for sale qualifying to be represented by the M&A Department usually meet specific thresholds. The Transworld Business Advisors M&A

The Decision to Sell Has Been Made... Now What? After much consideration and weighing the pros and cons, the decision has been made to sell your business. What’s the next step? First and foremost, shop for a business broker who is reliable, trusted, and experienced in these transactions. Often business owners choose the wrong type of company to represent their business when the decision has

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Blog Courtesy of Boss Magazine Editorial It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected business in many ways. It was challenging for small- and medium-sized business owners to manage their daily operations while still complying with the federal and state mandates regarding the deadly virus. It’s important to note that more people are getting vaccinated, but the ri

What is an acquisition?  An article inspired by a recent educational pursuit on   An acquisition is defined as a transaction between two corporations where one company purchases a portion or all of another company’s assets or stock. These are typically made to take control of and expand the target’s strengths to bring about growth and synergy

What is a merger?  Inspired by an article we recently read on  A merger is defined as an agreement in which two companies join together to form one organization. These two companies become one legal entity. In most cases, these are brought about by reasons related to efficient supply chain management, intellectual property needs, or simply for the desire

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Popular and Profitable Businesses to Buy Now Current businesses that are on the market and booming.   Only a handful of people venture into entrepreneurship knowing what industry they want to conquer and what type of business they want to start. However, for many new entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to figure out how to start a business and even more difficult to figure out exactly what

Secrets to Growing Your Business Every business is different, and while there is no surefire formula for instant success, there are some tips that can boost growth and expand any business.   New business owners have long lists of goals when they first start out, most of the time including rapid growth and recognition for their new venture. Overnight success isn’t often the standard t

Seven Steps to Selling Your Business Interested in selling your business? Follow these steps for a seamless process.   When a small business goes up for sale, it’s not just buyers who are investigating. Smart sellers will come to the table with a clear understanding of their business’ competitive position in the market, a realistic asking price, and knowledge of a potential buy