Why Use a Business Broker to Sell a Business?

Transworld Business Advisors Cleveland, Akron & Northeast Ohio – Why Do I Need a Business Broker to Sell My Business?

Why Use a Business Broker to Sell a Business?


One of the main reasons to use a Transworld Business Broker to sell your business is confidentiality. When a business owner is thinking about selling their business, they can't just put a sign in front of their business, saying my business is for sale. They don't want their employees or their suppliers and vendors to know because it can cause a disruption in the business. You want to keep the sale confidential from employees, suppliers, vendors, and customers until the right time. 

Many times, the employees and these other business relationships, such as with vendors and suppliers, will be improved in the acquisition. This is because a new buyer brings in new capital and ideas for growth. But notifying these relationships to soon can cause uncertainty and lost business during the sales process.

At Transworld Cleveland, we know how to market your business without disclosing sensitive information, and we specialize in marketing your business to attract the most activity while maintaining confidentiality. It is very important that you keep operating your business as usual and avoid any disruptions in the business. We tell our business owners to keep running their business like they are going to have it another 10-20 years. If you keep investing and developing the business during the sale process, you will be rewarded with a quicker sale and at a better price.


Another reason is time. Selling a business successfully requires a step by step process that is both time-consuming and complex. Most business owner's time is focused on working in or on their business, which leaves no time for selling a business. 

At Transworld, we have a proven process and the resources to successfully sell businesses. This is an event you do not want to take on by yourself; it is better left to the professionals at Transworld that have sold thousands of businesses in many verticals.


Next, there is financing. Business brokers are networking with bankers and finance companies all the time and stay informed on all the latest programs that are available for acquisition financing. Many of the Main Street and Lower Middle Market acquisitions use SBA financing, and the broker knows how to structure the sale to make the transaction SBA eligible. See SBA.gov

Knowing how to price your business for sale is crucial to attract buyers. Business Brokers have the resources and market data to price your business accurately. This will bring multiple buyers' inquiries with the opportunity to sell the business at the highest competitive price.

Thinking About Selling Your Business?

If you are considering selling your business, we make the process easy. Simply call Mike Snider at 440-628-4440 or email Mike at msnider@tworld.com Mike will conduct a confidential preliminary discussion with you to ask some of the following basic questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What industry? What does your business do?
  • What size is your business? Estimated Annual Revenue?
  • What is the profitability? Estimated Annual Net Income?
  • What is the reason for selling?
  • What type of entity, and who are the owners?

After the brief exchange of information and if there is mutual interest a free, no-obligation consultation will be offered. We typically do this face to face at a confidential location, but considering the current state of time with social distancing, we offer a secure online meeting as well. 

That's all, at the free consultation meeting we will be able to provide additional information on the Transworld selling process and free information on the opinion of business value.

Call or email Mike Now: 440-628-4440 msnider@tworld.com