How to Sell a Business

How to Sell a Business

Transworld Business Advisors Cleveland West – How to Get a Business Ready to Sell

Selling a business can be very complicated, especially if you have never sold a business before. It requires a lot of thorough documentation, so if you are considering selling your business, you need to follow the checklist below to make sure you are doing your due diligence.

To sell your business, you'll need these documents:

  • Tax documents
  • Financial and banking documents
  • Licenses, Inspections, and permits
  • Property/ lease documents
  • Employer list with job titles and length of service
  • Inventory counts/ audits / list of equipment 

How Does Transworld Help?

On top of our many years of experience of helping people buy and sell businesses, we offer our clients with a pre-sale documentation checklist, so they know what they need. The more information the business owner can provide, the better.  

Contact Us

If you are considering selling your business we make the process easy. Simply call Mike Snider at 440-628-4440 or email Mike at Mike will conduct a confidential preliminary discussion with you to ask some of the following basic questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What industry? What does your business do?
  • What size is your business? Estimated Annual Revenue?
  • What is the profitability? Estimated Annual Net Income?
  • What is the reason for selling?
  • What type of entity, and who are the owners?

After the brief exchange of information and if there is mutual interest, a free no-obligation consultation will be offered. We prefer to do this face to face at a confidential location, but during social distancing, we offer confidential online meetings as well. 

That's all, at the Free consultation meeting we will be able to provide additional information on the Transworld selling process and free information on the opinion of business value.

Call or email Mike Now: 440-628-4440