Thinking of Selling Your Construction Business? What You Need to Know in 2022

Thinking of Selling Your Construction Business? What You Need to Know in 2022

After a bit of a tough turn during the pandemic, the construction industry has come roaring back to life. Demand is growing, with an increase of almost 9% anticipated for 2022 for this industry segment within the U.S. market.

While supply chain disruptions and shortages of skilled workers may be continuing to cause hiccups for some, the overall outlook is very positive, particularly in terms of infrastructure.

If the thought of selling your construction business has ever crossed your mind but you’ve never been entirely sure if it was the right time, now may be your moment. You’ve worked hard to build a successful construction business, so why not reap the rewards?

The time is now to turn a profit from the sale of your construction business.

The successful sale of a construction company can be similar in many ways to any other company. You need your financial records in order, a loyal workforce and to show an increase in profitability. But construction does have some unique characteristics that may present a demanding opportunity.

You need someone who knows how to handle any challenges that arise. In 2021, construction was the second highest sold business for Transworld Business Advisors. The construction industry can be cyclical, as we’ve seen at the start of the pandemic, which is why you should strike while the iron is hot. And the iron is definitely hot at this very moment.

Check out the three must-haves we believe will make your construction company a hot commodity in the current market.

Personnel. Like other industries, construction companies have to deal with their fair share of personnel and labor issues. Now is no exception. Businesses that possess an experienced staff set a business apart and can attract buyers. Why? Because a skilled workforce means less training and work for your buyer. It also indicates that your construction business already has effective training and safety programs in place. Be sure you have all your safety records and proper labor documentation in place to demonstrate this.

Equipment. On par with a stable and well-trained workforce is possessing quality construction equipment. It is no secret the construction market has been hit with supply chain issues during the past few years. You can stand out from your competition if you can offer a buyer equipment that’s in good shape. Well-maintained equipment and facilities can even boost your asking price.

Pipeline. Finally, a construction business that has built a solid pipeline of project opportunities has a leg up in the market. This demonstrates how well your business operates, as does having evidence of good cash flow and a record of on-time payments. Add to that a history of enforcing good safety protocols, adhering to OSHA requirements, and having the proper insurance and licensing in place, and your construction business will present an appealing opportunity to any buyer.

Steps to Selling Your Construction Company

There are many players in the business of construction. This means the construction sector can be a crowded one. If you have maintained your business well, your construction company can be in high demand, if you are thinking of selling. Good records and upkeep are essential.

All signs point to now offering a great opportunity to make your exit. However, because the construction industry is subject to ups and downs, you want to seize your moment. The safest and quickest way to sell your construction business begins with a conversation with Transworld.

Our business advisors are trained as business brokers, meaning they have all the expertise you need to help protect you and your business throughout the process.

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