How to Increase the Value of Your Business to Grow it and Sell it

How to Increase the Value of Your Business to Grow it and Sell it



Every small business owner needs know how to increase the value of your business to grow and sell it.


Check out a recent discussion on the Capital Sage Podcast with Andy Cagnetta President and CEO of Transworld Business Advisors, the world largest business brokerage firm with offices all over the world. Preparing a business for sale takes a little planning and guidance but you can start with these basic actions

1. Keep good business records that you can prove to a potental buyer. Good booking shows command of your business and buyers are willing to pay a premium for good books.

2. Don't just be self-employed. Build a team that can keep the relationships, systems, and performance of the business going beyond the sale. 

3. Plan for flexible deal structure including seller financing. This will help reach a deal and maximize value for the business when bank lending is a challenge.

4. Get professional help to take a look at your business annually so there is no suprises when its time to sell. A business valuation can help you know the market today so you time the sale at the best time. 


Finding the topic in the show via Timestamp:
[00:00:30] – Intro
[00:02:43] – About Andy and Transworld
[00:04:21] – Challenges of DIY
[00:05:27] – Impacts in the Value of Businesses
[00:10:07] – Growing through Acquisition
[00:13:11] – Buying Businesses
[00:16:54] – Funding Acquisitions
[00:20:02] – Supporting the Community
[00:21:57] – Diversity in Business
[00:34:41] – Predictions for 2021
[00:36:51] – Recommended Media
[00:38:42] – Closing


Whether your ready to sell now or in the distance future. Contact a Transworld Business Advisors and schedule an appointment to discuss how we help business owners prepare and exit their business successfully.