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Tali Levin

Tali Leven, a business broker with Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado, boasts over 30 years in the automotive industry and is a seasoned professional and a passionate advocate, especially for women and small business owners. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, she has combined her deep roots with vast industry experience to establish herself as a distinguished business broker. Owning two small businesses herself, Tali's approach is always about understanding the "why" behind every transaction, believing that the underlying goal is often more profound than just the sale. This profound insight allows her to bring qualified buyers and sellers together, ensuring that each deal aligns with the client's vision. Her robust communication, negotiation, and networking prowess, underpinned by an extensive understanding of the market, competition, and economy, have earned her a reputation for trustworthiness and meticulous attention to detail.

Beyond her professional realm, Tali is a dedicated mother, raising two incredible humans, with her eldest already forging their path in the world. Her zest for life extends to traveling, scuba diving, baking delectable bread, dancing to live music, crafting stained glass art, and nurturing saltwater aquariums. Tali's dedication to advocacy, her knack for strategic thinking, and her passion for fostering connections shine through in every endeavor.

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