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Rashid Gilanpour

Rashid Gilanpour Business Broker

Rashid Gilanpour is a Business Broker in our Orange branch office in Southern California with over 15 years of experience in technology, professional services, digital media, e-commerce, healthcare, construction, agriculture, and the automotive industry.

Rashid brings a robust background in strategic operations management, with a demonstrated competence in guiding complex projects to successful outcomes. Known for his problem-solving skills, he has established a track record of devising innovative solutions that scale efficiency and promote growth. His leadership is characterized by an ability to foster an inclusive and engaged work environment, ensuring that everyone’s efforts are aligned. Throughout his career, Rashid has proven his adaptability and thrived across various industries, consistently delivering operational excellence and strong guidance.

Rashid is excited to serve clients with cutting-edge strategies in valuation, marketing, and negotiation. Known for transparency, professionalism, and personalized service, he ensures clients receive optimal value in the intricate business transfer process. Rashid's commitment to seamless, ethical transactions, combined with a diverse skill set, positions him as a valuable partner in both acquisitions and sales of businesses in various industries.

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