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Gavin Kadaba

“With a commanding 18 years in M&A transaction, consulting, and top-tier operational roles, Gavin stands out as a seasoned expert in the industry. He has been at the helm of senior roles with industry giants such as GE Capital and American Express and has hands-on experience owning and managing small to lower-middle market businesses. What truly distinguishes Gavin is his intricate know-how in orchestrating acquisitions, divestitures, and his foundational expertise in corporate finance. His advisory roles have seen him guide clients through valuations and the intricate maze of M&A due diligence. Gavin's involvement stretches across all transactional dimensions - from complex valuations, pitch deck preparations, financial modeling, to the actual negotiation of LOIs. His adeptness is further evident in his role of preparing critical pitchbook materials and skillfully negotiating complex”

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