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Re-Imagine yourself, Un-Stuck.

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Many people cannot be helped unless they are willing to listen and apply what they are learning.  We all consume data and information, but a small group chooses to create and try to lift others up, or in the case of Jeff with Day1Coaching get people un-stuck.  Helping others, supporting others, listening, giving first is not a common trait these days.  Being an inspiration, a motivator, a creator, a giver, is not always easy but for some, we have the hope to change or influence a couple of people!  Helping those couple of people can maybe have them spread some happiness and joy to a couple more people!  You never know what someone is going through in their day or life.  Sometimes one act of random kindness or some kind words, a pre or post COVID hug, a current COVID “air hug” a positive comment in a social media post can really make a person's day. 

Mindset coaches are dedicated to rewiring an individual's mindset, allowing them to be the very best version of themselves and to unlock their full potential. These coaches typically avoid directly giving advice or solving problems.

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This week we interview: Jeff Fryer with Day1Coaching.  Jeff is a performance coach based out of Central Florida.  Jeff thinks that we all get stuck sometimes, and that's okay. What's better?  Getting unstuck.  I first met Jeff while I was coaching one of his children in an Orlando sports program.  While we were talking at an event, I had the benefit of saying “yeah, but…” during our conversation.  We talked for an hour straight and thankfully I was open to listening and learning from other people.  You never know when you are going to meet someone or experience something, just keep yourself open to enjoy those moments.  Please follow Day1Coaching on your favorite social media platforms because “Day 1” begins the moment you are “willing” to allow it to.  What's your next step?

The benefits of coaching an individual include:


Who inspires you?

Jeff:  Well right off the bat, my wife Nicole is my biggest support and promoter. I was a fan of hers from the moment I met her. Her love and support inspires me. My dad always taught me that you should always be dating your partner, or ABD (Always be Dating), in order to encourage growth in your relationship. Lessons like that, and an instilled mindset of lifelong learning, have been my center for personal and professional growth.

Vicariously, I have been a student of Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Don Miguel Ruiz, Mel Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuck. All of these individuals provide the daily dose of mindset shifts that empower me to develop as a coach and bring value to others.  I’m a huge fan of mental growth and anyone who supports that!

What got you started with this hobby­­? What was that push that took you from idea to action?

Jeff: I was a late bloomer with the traditional way of education, yet I found myself wandering into used bookstores, grabbing several development books, and getting to work on not only reading but applying, what I was learning. When I met my wife Nicole, she awakened my ability to leverage those self-disciplined habits and realize how I can apply those to complete my education goals. A few years later, I was fortunate to meet my forever mentor, Teri Aulph, who coached me, developed me, and most importantly, believed in me and my abilities to coach and inspire others. From that point forward, I was hooked on transforming others through tapping into their own abilities and unlocking keys in the mindset for breakthroughs. 

Do you catch yourself not doing the things that you talk about?


Jeff:  Absolutely, then I laugh at myself.  I keep a bracelet on, I always have one on.  If I catch myself complaining, I move my bracelet to my other hand.  It’s an awareness check.  I’ve learned that mindset shifts take discipline, commitment, and most importantly, personal ownership. The moment you realize that you actually do have the ability to take responsibility for what it is in your reality, is the moment everything changes. For example, one of the best tools that I leverage daily is from Will Bowen. His “Complaint Free World” challenge changed my life, and that simple rubber band reminder activity is something I do all day, every day. I even connected this to something Joel Osteen has said, “If you complain, you remain.” There is so much freedom awaiting you within that personal choice. You have the choice. Is it easy? Maybe sometimes not. Worth it? Absolutely.

Who would you most want to meet if you had the chance to pick anyone?

Jeff: (laughing)..Well, this might sound over-the-top, but the four that immediately come to my mind are 1) Jesus, who spoke about living with unconditional love; now that’s cool.  The thought of living my life with unconditional love amazes me.  It opens so many doors to everyone you meet because you remove all limitations to personal growth. 2) Mother Teresa is another one.  “You might not be able to change the world, but you might be able to help someone.” For current times, Anthony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck. I’ve been studying from them (vicariously) for a long time, and every time that I put their coaching into action, the most amazing results ensue. I thrive in following others who have a passion for inspiring personal and professional transformation.  

What’s your favorite Orlando, local’s location?

Jeff:  I’m a pretty simple guy, so anything with palm trees around it gets me excited. Top Creationz barbershop is my favorite place.  I love their vibe; just really good dudes.  They are patient with my kids, and any business owner who treats your kids with respect and kindness, you can count me in. It’s the little things for me; my favorite places have my favorite people.  If it’s outside Orlando, then the beach is my happy place.

 What is your favorite Pizza Restaurant? 

Jeff: My favorite restaurant so far has been Vinny’s Italian Kitchen in Anna Maria Island. My wife is an amazing cook, so we while we don’t go out much, I love anywhere that can provide the feeling of authenticity.  That place had the perfect combination of feel, people, and food.  If I were to pick a place nearby it would be Park Pizza in Laureate Park. Their pizza is dangerously delicious.

 What makes you smile or giggle?

Jeff:  My kids, my 4-year-old is currently in this phase that she knows everything right now!  Her response with attitude makes me smile and think of my wife.  Another big thing for me right now is random acts of kindness, they make me smile.  Something as simple as someone helping another person in a parking lot with a grocery cart or someone carrying something for another.  We need more simple random acts of kindness.

Day1Coaching Background


Should I call you a professor?  Congratulations on becoming a professor at Valencia! How did you find that, or did that opportunity find you?

Jeff:  Thank you!  This is an honor for me. I had many professors who shaped my development and encouraged my unique approach to learning, so this is a wonderful way to pay those experiences forward with my students. I am deeply honored and proud to be a part of their journey.

What phrase from being a parent or husband did you think you would never say?

Jeff:  I laugh when I say things my dad said when I was a kid.  I catch myself going around the house and saying, “I didn’t realize that we owned the electric company?” Never thought I would say that as a dad😉.

What social media platform do you enjoy the most?  Best post?  Is this your creative outlet?

Jeff:  Mine is TikTok, it’s still early and many people are learning like I am.  It allows the space to be playful with your messages, and that spirit of playfulness is desperately needed in the world. The other platform I love is Anchor Podcasts. It’s so easy to start, easy to use, and provides a wonderful space to highlight others.


Best quotes from our talk: 

“My work begins when I hear my clients say, “Yeah, but…”.

“My first goal was to go an hour without a complaint. It’s going to happen, so I realized that my entire mindset needed to change from a pursuit of perfection to a journey of progress.”

“If anyone looks like you, or has had the same experiences as you have, or comes from a similar background as you did, then you no longer have space for excuses.”

“Believe it or not, but It’s ok to not know everything.”

“You matter, I appreciate you, go get ‘em.”

Find and follow Day1Coaching!  I challenge you to pay it forward and to help others!

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