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The Greensboro, NC Rich In History Facts Tannenbaum Historic Park

The Tannenbaum Historic Park in Greensboro, NC is located on the outskirts of the city in the Tannenbaum National Recreation Area. This park was created to preserve the rich history and culture of the American Indians and the early settlers in Greensboro. The park is actually a part of the Tannenbaum Historic Park System. This park was constructed in 1970 and consists of over one thousand acres of land and includes a museum, a visitor's center, picnic areas, and a boat ramp. The park also contains the Tannenbaum Tribal Heritage Center. Click here for facts about Greensboro, NC.


The area surrounding Tannenbaum Park is rich in history. The first settlers arrived in Greensboro in the eighteenth century. These settlers were part of a group that migrated from Europe to North Carolina, which later became the state of North Carolina. In the nineteenth century, the area became known as New Bern, because of the influx of settlers from England. The industrialization of Greensboro resulted in the closing down of many textile mills, and the area became known as what is now called Wilmington and the downtown district. Click here to read about Price Park in Greensboro, NC - Where Children Can Learn Great Skills and  Experience They'll Never Forget.

The Tannenbaum Park is named after Senator Robert Tannenbaum, who served as Governor of North Carolina and served two terms. There are several other notable residents of the area as well along with numerous notable politicians and notable families. The Tannenbaum Park is open to the public and is accessible through the Greensboro Public Library. Many people go to the park every day to take a break from work or school and have fun. There is a small fee to park, and children under twelve are not allowed in the park. Other attractions include the Tannenbaum Tribal Heritage Center, where many artifacts can be viewed from the park. This park is a great place to take a walk through and see the various features that make up the park. Some of the buildings that are located in the park have been historically important. Many of these buildings are part of the history of Greensboro. This park offers a great place for families to experience and see a great park. This park can be visited by tourists as well. There are many picnic areas located throughout the park that offer a nice place for family members to spend a relaxing picnic.