Selling a Business in San Diego? Here's What You Need to Know

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It’s time for some much-needed good news! The economy in San Diego is shining as bright as our beloved sun in southern California and many are expecting the 4th quarter to show people spending money they haven’t been able to spend in the last 18 months. If you have been thinking about selling your San Diego-based business, now just might be the time to get your business listed and sold.

The city of San Diego has seen some recent promising growth in main street businesses - so much so that banks are willing to lend money to those seeking to buy an existing business. In fact, several doors have been opened for those looking to get financing through the Small Business Administration (SBA) and their Lender Match program. Several San Digeo area lenders are standing by ready to work with local business owners and buyers to get them the financing they need.

Tax Reform Pending

Now is an ideal time to sell your business in San Diego because President Biden has proposed a capital gains tax increase. The bill is currently sitting in the House of Representatives and the capital gains tax could be raised to 28.8%. What does this mean for you as a business owner trying to sell your business? It means selling before the tax reform hits will ensure greater profits from the sale.

How to Prep for a Sale

To prepare for a business sale, you will need to take all of the usual vital steps including organizing your finances, performing a business valuation, hiring a business broker to guide you through the process, listing your business, and then entering into negotiations.

Your knowledgeable business advisor can help you get organized, sort through the necessary paperwork, and create an easy-to-follow checklist to prepare your business for optimal exposure once it’s listed.

Selling Your Business in 8 Easy Steps

When you partner with us, we are confident that our proven method for selling businesses at Transworld Business Advisors will help you reach your next goal – selling your San Diego business.

1.     Comprehensive Business Analysis

      As you broker, our team will review and analyze your operation, finances, market potential, trends, and more in great depth.

2.      We Structure the Sale

Our team will determine the best selling price based on research about the current market, your business, projected growth, sales of similar businesses, sales potential, etc. to ensure it is an attractive price for possible buyers.

3.      We Confidentially Network the Sale

      The Transworld team will present your business to other brokers and strategic buyers around the world all while respecting your confidentiality.

4.      We Confidentially Advertise Your Company to Buyers

Transworld spends more money on marketing for buyers than anyone in the industry. Your business will be listed in industry databases, websites, and publications without risking your confidentiality.

5.      We Control the Information Flow

Documentation and information are released when needed but only after potential buyers are pre-qualified and have signed a confidentiality agreement.

6.      We Create Competition for Your Company

We attract a large number of buyers for your business and then narrow those down to only the most qualified buyers who will be asked to present offers.

7.     We Negotiate For You to Achieve the Best Price

Often the scariest part for sellers, Transworld’s team skillfully handles all negotiations on your behalf.

8.     We Provide Exceptional Support to You Through the Due Diligence

      Our team will work with lawyers, accountants, banks, landlords, etc. to ensure the buyer is secured and that the deal reaches the closing table successfully. If anything comes up, we’ll be there to keep it from affecting the closing of the deal.

Call Transworld Business Advisors San Diego North

If you have any questions about your business, the selling process, or simply, your business’s worth – call us today! Transworld San Diego North understands the San Diego market, consumers, and fellow business owners like few others. There is little we don’t know and we are eager to help you close the deal on your San Diego business – let us help you sell your business and move on to the next phase whether that’s retirement or focusing on a new endeavor.