2018 National Small Business Week

2018 National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week has arrived and while we like to think we celebrate small business every day here at Transworld - we can always use a good reason to cheer on the small businesses community in Colorado!


This week we will be sharing quotes about small business straight from the team members who work with them every day and have many years of experience themselves as small business owners.


Our fourth quote comes from a Business Broker with Transworld - Rocky Mountain, Matt Prescott. Matt has been working with Transworld since February of 2016 and is a Certified Business Intermediary. After having graduated from the University of Arizona he initially spent time working in commercial real estate for Marcus and Millichap. Following that, he transitioned to sales for a Fortune 300 company based in Chicago, Illinois.


More recently, Matt and his family relocated to Denver, where he started his career with Transworld. Matt is a people person with an eye for detail and a penchant for providing accurate and honest analyses for his clients. Within each transaction Matt supports, he values open dialogue to ensure both buyers and sellers are treated fairly and are content with their transaction outcome. In his spare time, Matt enjoys playing golf, and hiking with his wife, Colleen, and his Daschund, Schnitzel.




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