Am I Getting a Good Deal?

Am I Getting a Good Deal?

Purchasing a business is one of the most crucial decisions you will make in your life.

It is a massive financial commitment, so ensuring that everything is in order is important. Before making an offer find out the answer to these three questions to ensure you are entering a good deal.

1. What is the owner's reason for selling the business?

The reason a business is sold will reveal important information about your potential investment. It will reveal how invested the owner was in the success of the business as well as any potential pitfalls.

2. What is the Employee's Satisfaction and Retention?

Are the employees happy? Do they add value to the business and encourage more clients to come in? Do they stay long, and help growth? Learning this information can bring light to the future of the business and its value.

3. What is the Reputation of the business?

How does the community rate the business you are interested in? Are there positive reviews and great recommendations. Are people happy about their general experience and frequent the business? Would they recommend a friend visit the business? How the clients feel is imperative to the growth of a business

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