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Trey Langus

Trey has an extensive background in real estate developments, real estate brokerage, and loan origination and underwriting. After graduating from the University of South Alabama in International Marketing in 1992, Trey began his professional career with Inchcape Shipping Services, ultimately climbing to a management position in the Midwest, overseeing 3 locations and 55 employees. Trey’s affinity for real estate and ‘putting together deals’ had him move to New Orleans to work with his father-in-law several prominent New Orleans development projects. Trey’s entrepreneurial passion finally got the best of him around 2008, starting up and acquiring various businesses from the healthcare industry all the way to the restaurant and bar industry. Trey maintains active real estate sales/broker licenses and has a deep and profound knowledge of evaluating business opportunities. Trey’s affiliation with Transworld provides our local team another highly respected professional serving both the Main Street and lower-middle market M&A space.

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