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Nathaniel Ernest-Jones P.A.

As an agent with Transworld Business Advisors, I help clients buy and sell businesses every day. I have worked with hundreds of business owners in various industries, with extensive success in: Contracting & Construction, Engineering Firms, Plumbing/HVAC, Janitorial & Maintenance, Tech companies, Wholesalers, & Mainstreet/Retail. Through years of in-depth training - both in the classroom and in the field - I have attained the highest crediential in the brokerage industry, as a Certified Business Intermediary.

Consistently ranking within the Top 10% of business brokers statewide, I attribute my success to:
• Financial Modeling
• Industry Contacts
• Selling to larger (strategic) buyers. I am a nationally credentialed expert & instructor for strategic/synergistic purchasers

I assist with all facets of a business sale, including:

1. Business Valuation
2. Market Positioning
3. Structuring the Transaction
4. Bank Financing
5. Real-estate Implications
6. Executing a Successful Sale

I grew up in a family business, my wife runs a business, and I have over 15-years of experience running (and eventually selling) my own real-estate consulting practice. I understand the hard work that goes into building a business into something valuable and sellable. For most business sellers, the sale of a business will be one of the largest - and most important - financial transactions of their lives. I understand the need for the utmost confidentiality throughout the selling & buying process, from marketing to closing. My clients will tell you that I address their needs with professionalism, tact, and with a large network of advisors & contacts to ensure success.

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